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Discover the team behind Technologie Inovaweld

The Story of Jean Denis Dube, Michel Levesque, and Bruno Morin: Their Passion for Robotics and Innovation.

Their story is defined by their shared passion for robotics and innovation. Together, they founded a technology-driven company, continuously seeking new advancements and creative solutions for their clients. Their commitment to excellence and visionary mindset positions them as pioneers in the manufacturing of laser-welded stainless steel barrels. In various industries, such as the maple syrup market, they identified the urgent need for stainless steel equipment to meet sanitary standards.

Inovaweld over the years


Technologie Inovaweld; Founded by three highly skilled engineers and located at 139 Rue du Parc de l’Innovation, the company is synonymous with innovation and quality.



The company officially launches its first product line – stainless steel drums, designed and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of the maple syrup market.



Significant investments in research and development are made, leading to the introduction of the industry’s first stainless steel barrel welding robot. Designed to enhance production efficiency and ensure superior product quality.



With a commitment to ongoing expansion and growth, Inovadrum proudly announces the implementation of a second welding robot, providing customers with even greater quality and efficiency.



Inovawine, the company’s brand-new range of wine barrels, is launched in the market, expertly designed to meet the unique needs of winemakers and wine enthusiasts.



The company secures a significant contract with Hydro-Québec, further solidifying Inovadrum’s reputation as an industry leader in the manufacturing of stainless steel drums for the nuclear energy industry.



With momentum on its side, Inovaweld’s production capacity increases to over 35,000 barrels per year, driven by the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency.




Inovadrum undergoes a brand refresh and website reconstruction, designed to better showcase the company’s expertise and commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Working as visionaries

With our visionary approach, we offer reliable, leak-proof, and high-quality barrels. Our flexible and dedicated team tackles your specific logistical challenges with innovative solutions that have been tested and meet strict standards. As a trusted partner, we help you exceed your requirements.

Our commitment goes beyond manufacturing top-of-the-line barrels. With passion and determination, we are ready to address your specific logistical needs. Count on our expertise to ensure your safety and streamline your operations. By working together, we are building the future of logistics with reliability and quality.

Ready to take on the challenge

With our exceptional customer service, superior quality products, and bold, forward-thinking vision, we set the benchmark in the market. Contact us for more details on our products and our personalized services!